Project Description

Project Description

The design of the house was heavily influenced by the context of the site and surrounding structures.

The flat mono-pitch roof design will allow first floor windows that are not overlooking the adjoining dwellings. The only wing on the first floor is the window out of the bathroom that will have frosted or sandblasted glass to maintain the privacy of the dwelling to the north east. The dwelling to the northwest is over 22 meters away for the windows on the first floor and this building will be screen by the slope on the site and a beech hedgerow to the northwest boundary.

By choosing this roof design, the height of the building will be kept lower than the adjoining dormer type dwellings that surround the site. A dormer type dwelling would not work on the site because of the wasted space behind the stud wall on the first floors. This dormer design is typical to the area but the design is dated and proves costly and unpractical to site when orientation, privacy and views are considered and analysed in detail.  By extending up the walls on a split design this will give the Ryan family the accommodation requirements requested in their brief.

This arrangement of space and accommodation gives the dwelling and the occupants parking, private landscaped areas at the side and rear a connection with the street and it maintains the privacy of the adjoin properties which was very important to my clients.

Key Consideration for site layout and design:

  •  The new proposed site entrance is to be moved more centrally to allow better visual connection to the street. Please see the location and drawing of the proposed entrance to complement the design of the house.
  • It will also improve the vision lines to the west on exiting the site.
  • Parking and turning areas -We have allowed for sufficient parking and turning areas within the front courtyard.
  • Materials- The choice of materials & finishes provide colour and textural contrast. The colours and textures were carefully considered by visiting and photographing the pallet of materials in the immediate area. Brick is a very typical urban finish and we wish to complement and have our building create a conversation with the prominent church building across the road.

Project Details

  • Architect: Pat Boyce
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