Project Description

Project Description

A house design consisting of 2 storey and a half dwelling designs located within an area zoned as Existing Built up area.

The Houses are designed contemporary in style.

Traditional materials are proposed in combination with modern detailing techniques to create simple clean lines.

Finishes will consist of rendered walls to selected neutral colours and slate/flat concrete tiled roofs.

The dwellings have flat roof annexes on the ground floor to allow the space required in the brief for the accommodation. By designing flat roof space on the ground floor it reduces the scale and massing of the buildings on the first floor that is viewed over the boundary wall. This length of the Frontage of houses are aesthetically proportional and complement the scale and massing of the adjoining buildings.

The design has been analysed and designed to suit the pattern of development in the area and similar developments in Mallow. We have portrayed the contiguous elevation above to show how the 2 types of dwellings integrate with the streetscape and provide a pleasing aesthetic from both road elevations.

Key considerations for the design :

  • Allow a safe access on exit from the site. Locate the access away from the main road Cork Road Junction and have the access located to allow sufficient site lines.
  • Sloping site, ideal location for entrance is between the 2 proposed houses.
  • Ensure ample garden and green space around both houses.
  • The houses are orientated to take advantage of natural light with rear gardens facing south and south west. The remainder of the site will be carefully landscaped with semi-mature trees & shrubs. The south and south west facing patio areas will grant the occupants privacy from the north and east roads and public areas.
  • The design has been carefully considered in relation to first floor overlooking windows. The dwelling has no first floor overlooking bedroom windows to the adjoining properties to south and west. The only first floor windows are on House No. 2 at the top of the stairs. These windows allow natural daylight into landing. These windows will be opaque.
  • The site is large enough to provide parking and landscaping for 2 dwellings.
  • There is a mix of dwellings in the area. The designs compliment the building in the immediate context.

Design Team

  • Architect: Pat Boyce
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